Vintage Holiday House Trailer Pictures

David Holmes, President of "Harry and David" (mail-order fruit baskets and gifts) was looking for ways to keep his workers busy during the January to July "off season". Capitalizing on his life-long interest in travel trailers and modern design, he decided to employ his skilled workers in the production of a new travel trailer with a very modern and daring design. Holmes' new "Holiday House" travel trailers were based on the standard aluminum skin over a wood frame design, but the overall styling was very progressive and "space age" and a huge departure from the familiar "canned ham" styles being produced by most other travel trailer manufacturers. Holiday House trailer production began at the Medford, Oregon plant on November 2, 1959, and reached full production level in February 1960. For 1960, Holiday House production included 17ft. and 19ft. models as well as a dual axle 24ft model. For model year 1961, the company strengthened the chassis, enlarged the bathrooms and lengthened the 17ft and 19ft models by one foot. Although well made and very stylish, Holiday House travel trailers were priced higher than most of the competition, so less than 200 units were manufactured for the 1960 and 1961 model years, before production ceased in January 1962. Besides the daring Holiday House with its "Googies" decorations and style, David Holmes is also famous for the super-modern limited-production "Geographic" travel trailer he began designing in mid 1960 as a "Trailer For The Rich". Designed in conjunction with BMW race car designer Chuck Perry, the Geographic's styling was unlike any other travel trailer and was way ahead of its time. With a price tag of almost $8500, less than 10 of these strikingly futuristic all fiberglass marvels were ever made. Tragically, the original fiberglass molds survived a factory fire on June 17, 1962, only to be discarded in 1985 when the Harry and David company was acquired. Only one Geographic travel trailer survived, and a complete restoration in 2007 retained the original teak woodwork, Norcold refrigerator, Magic Chef oven and dual "fold out" Magic Chef cook tops. In 2010, this lone surviving Geographic was listed for sale for $135,000.
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1960 Holiday House trailer, front end
1960 Holiday House trailer, rear end shot
1960 Holiday House trailer, dining area
1960 Holiday House trailer, original emblem
1960 Holiday House trailer, cool curved windows
1960 Holiday House trailer, with 1959 Pontiac wagon
1960 Holiday House trailer, showing ribbed siding
1960 Holiday House trailer, dinette area
1960 Holiday House trailer and 1959 Pontiac wagon
1961 Holiday House trailer, painted iconic pink!
1961 Holiday House trailer, angular rear end design
1961 Holiday House, cool googies starburst
1961 Holiday House trailer, amazing front end design
1961 Holiday House trailer, rear bedroom area
1961 Holiday House trailer, with matching pink chairs
1961 Holiday House trailer, stainless kitchen countertop
1961 Holiday House trailer with ribbed siding
1961 Holiday House trailer, curved front windows
1961 Holiday House trailer, starburst tail lights
1961 Holiday House trailer, classic pink and white colors
1961 Holiday House trailer, polished propane tanks
1961 Holiday House trailer, grey and pink dining area
1961 Holiday House trailer, appliances and ceiling lamp
1961 Holiday House trailer, fridge near bedroom area
1961 Holiday House, hallway closet cabinets
1961 Holiday House trailer, sputnik ceiling lamp
1961 Holiday House trailer, mid-century door chime
1961 Holiday House trailer, weather gauges
1961 Holiday House trailer, starburst formica pattern
1961 Holiday House trailer, restored pink bathroom
1961 Holiday House trailer, cool mid-century lamp
1961 Holiday House trailer, 1960's toaster oven
1961 Holiday House trailer, retro ceiling lamp
1961 Holiday House trailer, curved front windows
1961 Holiday House trailer, awesome polished siding
1961 Holiday House 24ft trailer, rare dual axle model
1961 Holiday House 24ft trailer, very rare model
1961 Holiday House trailer, rear view
1961 Holiday House trailer, painted red and white
1962 Holiday House trailer, curved corner windows
1962 Holiday House, great angles & ribbed siding
1962 Holiday House Model-18 trailer, rear end view
1962 Holiday House trailer, logo on rear panel
1962 Holiday House 18ft. trailer, bedroom woodwork
1962 Holiday House Model-18 trailer, kitchen appliances
1962 Holiday House trailer, dining room area

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