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Of the hundreds of different brands of "canned ham" style travel trailers manufactured during the 40's, 50's and 60's, the classic Shasta Trailer is certainly one of the best known. The polished "Shasta Wings" jutting off the rear are widely recognized, and are usually the first feature that comes to mind when someone mentions that their family had a Shasta Trailer. This well known company was established in 1942 and these rounded beauties were built on Keswick Ave in Van Nuys California then later Northridge California, with another facility in Goshen Indiana. The predecessor to the Shasta, the "Cozy Cruiser", began rolling out of the factory in 1951, with the classic "canned ham" shape. Early Shastas retained this rounded side profile through model year 1957. The beloved "Shasta Wings" first appeared on the 1958 models, when the original rounded canned-ham shape was altered with the top frontal area now leaning slightly forward and then angling back inwards toward the bottom. The popular Shasta trailer came with warm natural wood interior paneling and cabinets of Birch or Ash. The kitchen counter and dining table were covered with color-coordinated laminate which was also used for the simple sliding doors on the wood cabinets over the dining table. The single 110v ac outlet was barely adequate but the butane powered wall lamps cast a warm and cozy light against the golden hue of the interior woodwork (see some great Shasta Interiors here). The classic Shasta canned-ham shape was changed to a more squared-off style, front and back, beginning with the 1965 models, but the much-loved Shasta Wings continued intact into the mid 1980's. Whether it's the Cozy Cruiser model from the early 1950's, or the Compact, 16-SC, 16-SCS, 16-RK, Astrodome, Starflyte, Airflyte, 1400, 1500, 1900 or more modern Loflyte and Stratoflyte models, Shasta travel trailers remain one of the most popular family trailers on the road today.
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1956 Shasta Trailer, Mint Green and White
1956 Shasta Trailer, Great Paint With Silver Stripe
1956 Shasta Trailer, Freshly Restored
1956 Shasta Trailer, Ready For Camping
1956 Shasta Trailer, Custom Painted Propane Tanks
1959 Shasta Trailer, Compact Model With Wings
1959 Shasta Compact Trailer, With Front Jalousie Window
1959 Shasta Compact Trailer, Very Clean Restoration
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, painted yellow and white
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, first "Shasta" year
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, rare canned ham
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, child's cot over bed
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, original dining table
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, vintage gas stove
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, vintage 120v light fixture
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, birch door & original latch
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, birch door & original hinges
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, orig gas lamp heat shield
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer, blue and white
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer, birch cabinetry
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer, dining area
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer, bedroom area with hammock
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer, kitchen cabinets
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer, ready for camping
1964 Shasta Trailer and 1955 Chevy Nomad Wagon
1964 Shasta Trailer, painted red and creme-white
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer, painted Necco wafer orange
Early Shasta Trailer, painted bright yellow & white
Beautiful yellow and white early Shasta Trailer
1961 Shasta Astrodome Trailer, beautiful restoration
1961 Shasta Astrodome trailer, painted light blue & white
1961 Shasta Astrodome Trailer & Honda-90 Trail Bike
1954 Shasta Trailer, Hand Painted Flowers and Shutters
1955 Shasta Trailer Camping at Refugio Beach, Calif.
1955 Shasta Trailer Ice Box and Oven in Kitchen Area
1955 Shasta Trailer Original Corner Closet Cabinet
1955 Shasta Trailer Kitchen Cupboard
1955 Shasta Trailer Vintage Princess Gas Oven & Stove
1955 Shasta Trailer New Wood Screen Door!
1955 Shasta Trailer Dining Area - Original Magazine Rack
1955 Shasta Trailer and
Vintage 1960 Dodge Pickup
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer
With Awning
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer
Dining Area
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer
Bedroom Area
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer
at Pismo Rally
1956 Shasta Trailer
painted blue and white
1956 Shasta Trailer
Camping at Pismo
1960 Shasta Airflyte
Gaucho bed folded up
1960 Shasta Airflyte
looks great in orange!
1956 Shasta Trailer,
Cozy Bedroom
1956 Shasta Trailer
Beach Camping
1956 Shasta Trailer
at Pismo Rally
1957 Shasta Trailer Lemon Yellow With Awning
1957 Shasta Trailer in Red and White
1958 Shasta Airflyte Trailer in Blue and White
1958 Shasta Airflyte Trailer With Side Canopy
1961 Shasta Trailer at Mt. Baker Trailer Rally
1962 Shasta 1500 Trailer in Turquoise & White
1962 Shasta 1500 Trailer Vintage Magazine Rack
1962 Shasta 1500 Trailer Dining Room Area
1962 Shasta 1500 Trailer Vintage Gas Lamp
1962 Shasta 1500 Trailer Original Art Deco Lamp
1962 Shasta 1500 Trailer Vintage Holiday Gas Stove
1962 Shasta 1500 Trailer Front View
1962 Shasta 1500 Trailer Repro Shasta Decal
1962 shasta 1500 Trailer at Pismo Beach
1962 Shasta Trailer at Night - Party Time!
1962 Shasta Trailer With Window Awning
1962 shasta Trailer Pastel Yellow and White
1962 Shasta Trailer Dining Room Area
1962 Shasta Trailer Rear Shot, Nice Wings
1962 Shasta Trailer Bedroom Area
1962 Shasta Trailer Kitchen Cabinets & Oven
1962 Shasta Trailer, Very Cool Tail Light Visors
1962 Shasta Trailer wings Close up
1962 shasta Trailer Polished, at Huntington Beach, Calif.
1963 Shasta 16SCS Trailer Light Blue & White
1963 Shasta Back Entry Trailer in Salmon Pink
1963 Shasta Back-Entry Trailer Kitchen Area
1963 Shasta BackEntry Trailer, Dining Area With Bed Above
1963 Shasta Back Entry Trailer, Rare and Beautiful
1963 Shasta Compact Trailer in Turquoise and White
1963 Shasta Compact Trailer With Great Wings
Vintage Shasta Trailer Dining Table With Period Accessories
1962 Shasta Compact Trailer, Great Shasta Wings!
1962 Shasta Compact Trailer, Oven and Fridge
1962 Shasta Compact Trailer, Dining Area
1962 Shasta Trailer, Compact Model in Green and White
1962 Shasta Compact Trailer, Wood Paneling and Cabinets
1968 Shasta Trailer, Loflyte Model With Wings
1968 Shasta Loflyte Trailer, Large Dining Area
1968 Shasta Loflyte Trailer, Spacious Kitchen Area
1969 Shasta Starflyte Trailer, painted yellow and white
1969 Shasta Starflyte Trailer, decorated dining area
1969 Shasta Starflyte Trailer, stylish sleeping area
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