Vintage Trailer Storage Yards and Junkyards

Take a road trip across the country and you'll be amazed how many weathered vintage trailers you can still see parked in fields, abandoned in the desert, reclining next to old barns or stored in vintage trailer junk yards, trailer salvage yards and trailer storage yards. Although a restored Shasta, Airstream or other brand of vintage trailer can be worth thousands, these junkyard vintage trailers can often be picked up for several hundred dollars. There are still acres of vintage trailers out there that provide a great source of project trailers for restoration. These salvage yards can also be a good place to find original parts for the interior or exterior of the vintage trailer you're restoring. So check out these vintage trailer junkyards that can be spotted all across rural America, and you just might find the perfect vintage trailer restoration project you've been looking for.
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Canned Hams in Junkyard
Vintage Trailer Junk Yard
Canned Ham in Junk yard
Junkyard with SIlver Streaks
Westcraft in Storage Yard
Westcraft Interior
Westcraft Interior Cabinets
Vintage Shasta - Storage Yard
Vintage Kompak Trailer
Vintage Kompak Kitchen
Vintage Kompak teardrop
Vintage Shasta in StorageYard
Shasta Baggage Storage
Shasta Ceiling Damage
Shasta Trailer in Storage
Airstreams in Junkyard
Aero Flite Trailer in Junkyard
Aero Flite in Storage
Aero Flite Vintage Trailer
Stored Aero Flite Trailer
Spartan Manor in Junk Yard
Vintage Trailers in Junkyard
Silver Streaks in Storage Yard
Spartan Manor in Storage Yard
Westcraft in Storage
Westcraft Woodwork
Westcraft Westwood Interior
Covered Wagon trailer
Traveleze Trailer in Storage
Traveleze Trailer in Storage
Spartan Manor in Storage
Spartanette Trailer in Storage
Vintage Trailer in Junkyard
Aluminum Trailers in Storage
Nomad Trailer in Junkyard
Vintage Trailer Junk Yard
Dented Airstream in Storage
Mossy trailer in Storage
Silver Streak Storage Yard
Vintage Trailer Junk Yard
Aloha Trailer in Storage
Old Aloha Trailer in Storage
Serro Scotty in Junkyard
Shasta Trailer in Storage
Trailer Frame in Junkyard
Dented Spartan in Storage
Streamline Trailer in Junkyard
Spartanettes in Storage Yard
Spartan Manors in Junkyard
Vintage Trailers in Junk Yard
Curled Trailer Flooring Tiles
Spartan Manor in Junk Yard
Spartan Manor Rear End
Silver Streaks in Storage
Silver Streak Front End
Spartan Manor Rear Ends
Spartan Manors in Storage
Trailer Fixtures in Junkyard
Vintage Trailer Junkyard
Palace Trailer in Junk Yard
Palace Trailer in Junkyard
Palace Trailer Port Hole
Palace Trailer Junk Cabinets
Palace Trailer Rear End
Palace Trailer Kitchen
Palace Trailer Cabinets
Palace Trailer Modular Panels
Palace Trailer Woodwork
Palace Trailer Window Crank
Palace Trailer Cabinetry
Shasta Compact in Junkyard
Shasta Compact in Storage
Junked Shasta in Storage
Scavanged Shasta in Junkyard
Shasta Trailer Interior Fire
Fire Damaged Shasta Trailer
Fire Gutted Shasta in Storage
Abandoned Serro Scotty
1936 Covered Wagon Trailer
King Trailer in Salvage Yard
Spartan Trailer in Junkyard
Shasta Airflyte in Junk Yard
Westcraft Trolley Top Trailer
Vintage Shasta in Salvage Yard
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