Spartan Manor & Spartanette Trailer Pictures

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1946 Spartan Manor, great wrap-around windows
1946 Spartan Manor, iconic sloping rear end
1946 Spartan Manor, factory Spartan logo
1946 Spartan Manor, side and front view
1945 Spartan Manor Silver Queen, rare trailer
1945 Spartan Manor Silver Queen, very unique Spartan
1945 Spartan Manor Silver Queen, rear-end view
1945 Spartan Manor Silver Queen, first Spartan built!
1947 Spartan Manor, shiny and beautiful
1947 Spartan Manor, impressive front end
1947 Spartan Manor, great porthole window
1947 Spartan Manor, setup to party!
1947 Spartan Manor, highly polished!
1947 Spartan Manor, Lynden meet in 2010
1947 Spartan Manor, Chevy Panel Truck Tow Vehicle
1948 Spartanette Tandem, with side awning
1948 Spartanette Tandem, large canned ham!
1948 Spartanette Tandem, factory logo
1948 Spartanette Tandem, beautifully polished
1948 Spartan Manor, stately front end
1948 Spartan Manor, factory logo
1948 Spartan Manor, back door - very cool
1948 Spartan Manor, retro style galore
1948 Spartan Manor, kitchen area
1948 Spartan Manor, awesome dining table
1948 Spartan Manor, surfboard dining table!
1948 Spartan Manor, beautifully finished wood
1948 Spartan Manor, stainless steel countertop
1948 Spartan Manor, spectacular kitchen cabinetry
1948 Spartan Manor, great woodwork in kitchen
1948 Spartan Manor, party trailer!
1950 Spartanette Tandem, clean large canned ham
1950 Spartanette Tandem, ribs on rear end
1950 Spartanette Tandem, proud canned ham
1950 Spartanette Tandem, beach camping
1950 Spartanette Tandem, very nice screen door
1950 Spartanette Tandem, classic stove
1950 Spartanette Tandem, beautiful period cabinetry
1950 Spartanette Tandem, warm interior wood
1951 Spartanette Tandem, long canned ham
1951 Spartanette Tandem, great Spartanette graphics
1951 Spartanette Tandem, factory logo decal
1951 Spartanette Tandem, dining area
1951 Spartanette Tandem, faded dealer id plate
1951 Spartanette Tandem, classic kitchen cabinets
1951 Spartanette Tandem, great art deco bathroom
1951 Spartanette Tandem, dining table
1951 Spartanette Tandem, rear view
1951 Spartanette Tandem, great nose art
1952 Spartan Royal Manor, proud beauty
1952 Spartan Royal Manor, very shiny classic
1952 Spartan Royal Manor, polished factory logo
1952 Spartan Royal Manor, 50's living room decor
1952 Spartan Royal Manor, classic kitchen style
1958 Spartan Royal Manor, large classic
1958 Spartan Royal Manor, unique rear end
1958 Spartan Royal Manor, classic Spartan detailing
1958 Spartan Royal Manor, massive beauty
1958 Spartan Royal Manor, large dining area window
1958 Spartan Royal Manor, original factory logo plate
Spartanette Manor, shiny canned-ham
Spartanette Manor, very sharp Spartan!
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