Decoliner Motorhome Pictures

Randy Grubb show-cased his outrageous "Decoliner" Motorhome at the "Trail Along to Pismo" vintage trailer rally in 2013, to amazed and awe-struck vintage RV geeks all weekend. Mr. Grubb is an enormously talented industrial designer who has designed and hand-crafted a collection of inspired and stylish vehicles, including the V-12 "Blastolene Special" racer that famous gearhead Jay Leno purchased and re-named the "Tank Car". Incorporating a vintage 1973 GM Motorhome RV cab and chassis, Mr. Grubb hand-formed the rib-like framework and graceful stream-lined body out of aluminum and then assembled the panels with rivets which lends a great retro-industrial feel to this beautifully designed and crafted creation. This 26 ft. art-deco beauty looks like Flash Gordon's Motorhome! From the ribbed and detailed instrument pods on the dash, to the swept-back fenders, every feature and detail of this awesome bus is as stylish and exceptionally crafted and designed as it can be. The interior of this cool camper is fully outfitted with birch paneling, wonderfully stylish kitchen cabinets and countertop, upholstered seating area and a comfy couch that folds into a bed. But the most amazing feature is the beautifully arching teak stairway with polished handrails, that leads up to the "flying bridge" that includes comfortable party seating for 5 guests as well as a "driving station" so you can operate this art-deco bus from the cab down below or the flying bridge on this upper deck! In his spare time, Mr. Grubb has also designed a line of beautifully hand-formed "Decopod" scooters that are based on Piaggio scooters (the 2-wheeled model is called the "Bi-Pod" and the 3-wheeled model is called the "Tri-Pod"). In addition, Randy has created a wickedly wasp-like motorcycle that's based on a Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle. His beautifully hand-formed and riveted art-deco helmet creation is the perfect accessory for cruising around in one of these cool 2 or 3 wheeled art-deco masterpieces, and looks like something you would have found on Flash Gordon's work bench. Well done Randy Grubb!
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Amazing Decoliner Motorhome
with upstairs seating
Decoliner Motorhome
steps to upstairs seating
Decoliner Motorhome photo
shows front-end-view
Decoliner, with teak steps
leading to upper seating
Decoliner Motorhome view of front
Decoliner, side view
showing port hole windows
Decoliner Motorhome
awesome art-deco style
Decoliner Motorhome
view of front cab interior
Decoliner Motorhome, photo
shows front cab ceiling
Decoliner interior panels,
beautifully crafted styling
Decoliner, picture of
dash on passenger's side
Decoliner, detail photo
of amazingly sculpted dash
Decoliner Motorhome, photo
of awesome dash
Decoliner Interior, photo
of kitchen cabinets
Decoliner Interior, photo
of couch behind cab seats
Decoliner Interior, photo
shows underside of stairs
Decoliner, photo shows
beautiful railing & teak steps
Decoliner flying-bridge with
steering station & couches
Decoliner flying-bridge with
beautiful dashpod and gauges
Decoliner Motorhome, with
banjo steering wheel up top
Very cool Decopod Tri-Pod scooter
Decopod Tri-Pod Scooter
outrageous front-end design
Decopod Tri-Pod scooter
is cute as can be
Decopod Tri-pod scooter
photo shows side styling
Imposing Decoson Motorcycle
with simple leather seat
Decoson Motorcycle, front
view shows headlight pod
Beautiful Flash Gordon
inspired helmet
Hand-formed motorcycle
helmet art-deco styled
Decoliner Motorhome is a
hand-crafted art-deco beauty!
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