Vintage Trailer Interiors From The 1930's

Despite the financial devastation that the "Great Depression" inflicted on the economy during the 1930's, many successful families still retained enough wealth to easily afford the luxuries in life, like an elegant travel trailer. Most trailers produced during this decade followed the simple "bread loaf" shape with a tin roof and masonite siding, but the 1930's was an era of high style and opulent design in cars, architecture and clothing, so a lot of the trailers built during this decade came with beautifully designed and constructed interiors. The styling and detailed craftsmanship of these fine travel coach interiors often rivaled the interiors in the finest Pullman train cars and elegant hotels in San Francisco and New York. With dark hand-rubbed walnut, cherry and mahogany cabinetry and paneling, intricate wood molding, extensive fine tile work, rich curtains and draperies, elegant light fixtures, and Art Deco furnishings, these early travel trailer interiors were true works of art. Far from "roughing it", these trailer "campers" afforded their owners the comforts and luxuries they were used to enjoying in their elegant mansions.
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1935 Bowlus Papoose Trailer Dining Area
1935 Bowlus Papoose Trailer With Vintage Spice Rack
1936 Bowlus Trailer Interior Looking in From End Door
1936 Bowlus Trailer Interior With Vintage Furnishings
1936 Bowlus Trailer Beautiful Cabinet Drawers
1936 Bowlus Trailer Showing Beds in Sleeping Area
1936 Airstream Clipper Trailer Kitchen Area
1936 Airstream Clipper Trailer With Multi-faceted Ceiling
1936 Airstream Clipper Trailer Showing Antique Gas Burners
1936 Airstream Clipper Trailer With Amazing Cabinetry
1936 Airstream Clipper Trailer With Ornate Wood Stove
1936 Airstream Clipper Trailer Beautiful Wood Ceiling
1936 Airstream Clipper Trailer Living Room Couches
1937 Pierce Arrow Travelodge Trailer - Beautiful Woodwork
1937 Pierce Arrow Travelodge Trailer - Living Room Couch
1937 Pierce Arrow Travelodge Leaded Glass in Dining Area
1937 Royal Wilheim Trailer Remarkable Wood Paneling
1937 Royal Wilheim Trailer Tiled Kitchen
1937 Royal Wilheim Trailer Living Room Couch
1937 Royal Wilheim Trailer Bedroom Cabinets, Woodwork
1937 Royal Wilheim Trailer Gas Heater
1938 Kozy Coach Trailer Amazing Wood Paneling
1938 Kozy Coach Trailer Dining Room & Dining Table
1938 Kozy Coach Trailer Beautiful Wood Ceiling
1938 Kozy Coach Trailer Living Room with Fishing Creel
1938 Kozy Coach Trailer Looking Towards Dining Room
1938 Kozy Coach Trailer Beautiful Wood Cabinetry
1938 Kozy Coach Trailer Cabinets in Living Room
1938 Kozy Coach Trailer Art-Deco Fan
1938 Kozy Coach Trailer Wicker Chairs
1938 Kozy Coach Trailer Kitchen With Stove & Fridge
1938 Kozy Coach Trailer Knick-Knack Shelf
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