Vintage Trailer Towing Rigs

You've finally finished restoring your vintage travel trailer, and now it's time to start thinking about what kind of vehicle you'll use to tow it. A modern car or truck is the safe answer, and maybe that's fine for the first few camping trips. But if you attend a few vintage trailer rallies you'll see how great a vintage trailer looks when it's towed by a vintage car, truck or station wagon. Whether you buy a restored classic or buy a project vehicle and restore it yourself, a vintage vehicle can make a great towing rig for your vintage trailer. Try to choose a vintage car, truck or station wagon that's from the same era as your vintage trailer, to complete the "vintage look", but there are lots of great vintage tow vehicles out there to choose from. Compared to using a modern tow vehicle, check out how great the following vintage towing rigs look and start searching for the perfect vintage tow rig to pull your vintage trailer!
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1956 Chevy Nomad Wagon
Towing Vintage Shasta Trailer
1958 Plymouth Surburban
Towing Vintage Airfloat Trailer
1956 Chevy 150 Sedan
Towing a 1956 Shasta Trailer
Chevy 4x4 Pickup Towing a
1937 Vagabond Vintage Trailer
Vintage Coupe Towing a
US Public Service Trailer; 1937
1938 REO COE Truck Towing
a Westcraft Coronado Trailer
1952 Chevy Suburban Towing a 1948 Palace Royal Trailer
1952 Willys Station Wagon
Towing a Vintage Trailer
1953 Mercury Capri Towing a
Aristocrat Lo-Liner Trailer
Vintage Dodge Panel Truck
Zollinger Va-Ka-Shun-Ette
Vintage Ford F250 4x4 Truck and 1955 Aloha Vintage Trailer
1956 Chevy 210 Wagon and
1959 Winnebago Trailer
1929 Ford Tudor Sedan and
Classic Teardrop Trailer
Classic Coupe Towing a
Vintage Trailer in 1937
Chopped Ford Tudor Towing
a 1936 Bowlus Vintage Trailer
Vintage Chevy Coupe Towing
1937 Hayes Vintage Trailer
1939 Ford COE Truck Towing
Vintage Westcraft Trailer
1946 Chevy Pickup Truck
Towing Vintage Travel Trailer
Vintage Cadillac Towing a
1947 Komfort Koach Teardrop
1939 Ford COE Truck Towing
a Vintage Clipper Trailer
Vintage Chevy Truck Towing
a 1941 Manufactured Trailer
Vintage Chevy Panel Truck
Towing a 1947 Spartan Manor
Vintage VW Bug Towing
Vintage 1947 Teardrop Trailer
1955 Chevy Wagon Towing
Vintage 1948 Boles Aero
Vintage Studebaker Pickup
Towing a 1949 Curtis Wright
1950 Plymouth Woodie Towing
a Woodie Teardrop Trailer
1941 Cadillac Limo Towing
a 1951 Spartanette Tandem
Vintage Chevy Pickup
Towing a 1952 Airfloat Trailer
1954 Chevy Pickup Truck
Towing a Vintage Trailer
1954 Metropolitan Towing
a Small Vintage Trailer
Vintage Studebaker Wagon
Towing 1954 Ranger Pop-Up
Vintage Chevy Pickup
Towing a 1955 Aljoa Trailer
Vintage Mercury Towing a
1954 Sport Ranger Pop-Up
Meyers Manx VW Dune Buggy
Towing an Eriba Puck Trailer
1955 Chevy Nomad Wagon
Towing Vintage Teardrop
1956 Ford Station Wagon
Towing Vintage Teardrop
1955 Chevy Nomad Towing
a Vintage 1955 Shasta Trailer
1956 Ford Ranch Wagon
Towing Vintage Shasta Trailer
Volkswagen Single Cab Pickup
Towing a Vintage Trailer
1957 Chevy Bel Air Sedan
Towing Vintage Clipper Trailer
1957 Chevy Bel Air Towing
Vintage Boles Aero Trailer
1957 Chevy 2 Door Towing
Vintage 1955 Starfire Trailer
1956 Chevy 210 2-Door Sedan
Towing 1957 Jewel Trailer
Vintage Ford F250 Pickup
Towing 1958 Airstream Trailer
Vintage Chevy Pickup Towing
a Vintage 1958 Aloha Trailer
1958 Edsel Roundup Wagon
Towing a 1965 Aloha Trailer
Vintage 1958 Chevy Pickup
Towing 1958 Fireball Trailer
Vintage Cadillac Towing
1937 Pierce-Arrow Trailer
1958 Studebaker Wagon
Towing a Teardrop Trailer
Vintage Chevy Pickup Towing
a 1960 Aloha Travel Trailer
1959 Pontiac Wagon Towing
a 1960 Holiday House Trailer
1961 Chevy Pickup Towing
a 1958 Roadliner Trailer
1956 Chevy Wagon Towing
a 1961 Shasta 16SC Trailer
Saab 2-Door Wagon Towing
a 1961 Trailorboat Trailer
1962 Holden Wagon Towing
a Vintage Travel Trailer
1965 Chevy Surburban Towing
a 1963 Airstream Travel Trailer
1963 VW Samba Bus Towing
Vintage Eriba Puck Trailer
1955 Chevy Nomad Towing
a 1964 Shasta Trailer
Mini Cooper Towing a
Custom Teardrop Trailer
Vintage Ford Woodie Towing
a Vintage Trailorboat Trailer
Ford Falcon Wagon Towing
a Vintage Teardrop Trailer
1950 Ford Milk Truck
Towing a Winnebago Trailer
1940 Ford Woodie Towing
a Woodie Teardrop Trailer
Hudson Hollywood Hardtop
Towing a Vintage Trailer
Plymouth Woodie Towing
a Woodie Teardrop Trailer
Vintage VW Bug Towing
a Compact Tent Trailer
Vintage Ford Pickup Towing
a Trillium Travel Trailer
Vintage Volkswagen Bug
Towing a Small Trailer
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