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There's nothing more beautiful than a highly polished Airstream trailer, cozy canned ham painted in 2-tone 50's colors, or vintage travel trailer wood cabinets glowing honey gold in the morning sun! If you agree, browse thru some beautiful vintage trailer photos here.

Vintage Airstream trailers, colorful Shastas, spacious Spartan Manor trailers, efficient and ingenious teardrop trailers, shiny Boles Aeros and Silverstreak Clippers... the list goes on and on. Companies and individuals have been making travel trailers and "camping trailers" in every possible shape and size, practically since the first automobiles started showing up on our highways. Marking the start of the RV craze, many of these early trailers were made of fragile materials and they didn't survive the elements, or they were abandoned in fields, trailer junkyards or farms when their owners decided they were no longer useful and stylish.
But fortunately, some of these classic camping trailers did survive (even some of the old masonite rarities from the 30's and 40's) and are now being rescued and lovingly restored and appreciated by new owners all across America and around the world. These rolling beauties (called "Caravans" in Europe) seem to come in all shapes and sizes - from "bread loaf" Westcrafts to Shastas, Rod-and-Reels and Aljoas crafted in the retro "canned-ham" shape, to shiny aircraft-quality riveted Airstream beauties and clever and efficient clam-shell teardrops engineered and crafted years ago. But no matter what the shape, brand, decorating theme or condition, all are welcome at the regional Vintage Trailer meets, campouts, and gatherings that are held all across the country. So whether you hitch up your old trailer behind a modern tow vehicle or a classic car or truck from the same era as your trailer, fill up the propane tanks and load up the kitchen cupboards with goodies and head to the beach or the mountains for some good ol' camping and socializing in your vintage "home away from home". Happy Travels!

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